Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Run log catch-up

Apparently, time is flying. I have some catching up to do with the run log. Now less than two weeks from Steamtown, here's what I did over the last three:

Week 5: Sep 1-8
Su: no run, Cycle 14
M: 7.5 easy on trails
Tu: 8.5, with 5 miles T-pace (2x 2.5 mi; with a 3 min rest), & Cycle 10
W: 4 easy
Th: rest
F: rest
Sa: 16.5 miles trails, with 13.5 in relay race

Totals: Run 36.5, Cycle 24

A light and erratic week. Not exactly what I wanted with 4 weeks to go, but not sweating it. Work got in the way for several days this week, but I don't think I lost much by getting the two quality workouts for the week.

Tue- Got to the group run late--so opted for my T-pace workout on the track. Though I ran solo, there was at least 45 runners on the track to provide a positive vibe. Five miles of T = 6:25.

Sat: Dances with Dirt trail 5-person relay (3 legs each.) Ran legs of 6.1, 3.25, and 4.1 miles (legs #4, 8, and 15.) Not used to this type of running. The effort was pretty much three separate tempo runs. Since I took Thursday and Friday off, I probably blasted though my first leg a bit too fast. Pinckney State Park (near Ann Arbor, MI) offered some nice single-track trail and I'm not used to racing faster than ultra-pace on such terrain. The quads are more sore than I want today, but I can and will deal with it.

Week 4: Sep 9-15
Su: 5 Easy
M: 4 E (6x strides)
Tu: 11, with 6.25 @ T-pace (8x 5min T; with 1 min rests)
W: 6 E
Th: 7 E
F: rest
Sa: 6 E (4x strides)

Average T-pace = 6:21

Totals: Run 39, Cycle 0

Total appears a little low (again) since I ran my weekend long run today -- today's 23 miler would have given me 55 for the week.

Came off last week's relay race a little more sore than expected, but rebounded well for this week's quality workout. Another 40 minutes of T in the books. I find I'm running stronger in the cooler temps and really look forward to sharpening up in the last few weeks.

Week 3: Sep 16-22
Sun: 23 on hilly roads. (3:05) Solid run. No fast finish. Managed hydration and energy just fine.
Mon: 4 E
Tue: 9.5 E; Cycle 10
Wed: 4 E (4x strides)
Thur: 13, with 3 @ T-pace (2x 1.5mi)
Fri: rest
Sat AM: 13 E, with 6 downhill (980' elevation loss)
Sat PM: 7.5 E on trails (hike/run 50km trail sweep)

Run: 74 miles, Cycle 10

The entire week got off course because moved last week's long run to this week. Had 30 min T-pace workout planned this week, but not placing too much stock in missing it. Also, the weekly total skewed due to adding a second run yesterday on trails. It felt more like 55 mile week.

Two weeks to go to race day. Mostly easy runs and rest this week. Keying 3x1600 I-pace workout on Thursday.


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