Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week of August 5-11

Sun: Run 14 E
Mon: 4 E, Swim 2000 yds
Tue: 9 (with 3mi @ T), Cycle 11
Wed: 5 E, Cycle 9
Thur: 9.5 T (3x 10min @ T-pace; with 2 min recoveries) T = 6:36
Fri: Rest
Sat: 14 E, Cycle 7, Swim 1000 yds

Run: 55.5 miles
Cycle: 27 miles
Swim: 3000 yds

With 8 weeks to go to marathon race, this past week started phase three of the season. The phase emphasizes lactate threshold, or tempo-paced workouts.

In the midst of the hot and humid summer, the group opted out of the Tuesday tempo workout. I still managed a 3 mile tempo. We got together for the workout on Thursday on the measured road course. Nothing spectacular to report--all managed the 30 minutes of T-pace.


Blogger Addy said...

Looks like a great week! Even more impressive is that you're fitting in that many activities, and quality amounts of each. I'm sure you'll do great at this marathon. Is a PR the goal?

8:44 PM  

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