Saturday, June 30, 2007

Week of June 24-30

Sun: Run 6 miles, Cycle 17 miles
Mon: Cycle 14, Swim about 1100 yd (open water)
Tue: Run 7.5 (with 7x 90 second hill repeats), Cycle 10
Wed: Run 5
Thur: Run 8; with a 2 mile time trial (12:11)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Run 13.5, Cycle 18

Run 40 miles
Cycle 59 miles
Swim 1100 yds

Not a bad week. Rejoined the marathon training group and found that I am right there. As with others, my recovery and lack of soreness amazes me too. Well, I best not complain about it!

The groupies did either a 5km race or a 2-mile time trial this week and I joined in. Now about 14 weeks from marathon race day, this was an early season test to determine current fitness. We took our performance and plotted the result on Table 1 of the VDOT Chart to determine training paces for the next phase of training.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Still dumbfounded

And I don't know why.

I've had a hard time sitting down to tell the Mohican story. I really can't believe it's now in the past. The enormity of it all...done.

Here goes. A Friday night at home, at the keyboard, with a Mohican story to tell.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Photo link

Click here for a few photos from the early aid stations at Mohican.

UPDATE: More photos

Photos by Mark Shelton and Tad

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week of June 17-23

Sun: Finished Mohican 100 in 21:16
Mon: Cycle 8 miles, Swim about 800yd (open water)
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thur: Run 3.5 miles
Fri: Cycle 8 miles
Sat: Cycle 13 miles

Run 3.5 miles
Cycle 29 miles

Whew. A recovery week, if there ever was one. Caught up on much needed sleep.

In this past week I did not anticipate the exhaustion and the emotional letdown of having just completed an "A" race. I was drained for most of the week and slept more than usual.

The good news is that I'm reconstituting myself and soon I will get my act together to tell the tale.

In other weekend news, congratulations to the runners at this weekend's Western States 100 Mile. The course traverses the Sierra Nevada mountain range starting near Lake Tahoe and finishing in Auburn CA. This is a race I wish to tackle this race someday.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Damage report

It appears that I'm going to survive as the worst of the soreness has passed. I escaped with but one obnoxious blister on the ball of foot, a toenail whose future is left in the balance, and a touch of poison oak.

Last night after work I basically collapsed from exhaustion. Asleep by 7pm and slept through most of the night. Much needed, for sure.

My apologies, but the race report will have to wait. I'm heading to Jacobs Field tonight after work for an Indians game.

Thank you all for the kind comments so far.

Mohican Results (unofficial)

Mohican Trail 100-mile Race
Loudonville, Ohio
June 16-17, 2007
Forest trails 11,000 ft. climb

100-mile finishers buckle award

1 Harland Peelle, 33, VA 18:03:08
2 Jerry Brandt, 34 19:29:31
3 Robert Pokorny, 46 19:33:46
4 Zach Gingerich, 27, IL 19:45:53
5 Connie Gardner, 42 19:57:14 female
6 Nathan Echols, 40, NJ 20:23:44
7 Doug Cassidy, 41, GA 20:23:47
8 Jeff Christian, 33, MI 20:48:29
9 Lloyd Thomas, 36 21:16:40
10 David Corfman, 44 21:24:57
Matthew Bedford, 46, MI 21:24:57
12 Jay Smithberger, 37 21:31:55
13 James Howton, 33, AR 21:28:22
14 Steve Core, 41, VA 21:48:32
15 David Liningston, 42 21:50:43
16 Juston Wickham, 31 21:50:48
17 Michael Hayden, 17, CA 21:59:52
18 Steve Miles, 44, PA 22:16:12
19 Geoff Sheppard, 40, ON 22:36:37
David Peterman, 44 22:36:37
21 TJ Hawk, 49 23:22:23
22 Jeff Gleason, 49, PA 23:34:55
23 Roy Heger, 52 23:45:21
24 Kyle Fedler, 41 23:50:43
25 David Krekeler, 48 23:58:03
26 Vic Harris, 50, OR 24:01:55
27 Damian Nathaniel, 40, IN 24:14:00
28 Brad Compton, 52, IN 24:21:28
29 Ted Niemann, 44 24:23:02
30 Jerone Wojnicki, 38, NY 24:31:56
31 James Davidson, 44, IN 24:39:24
32 Al Eder, 55 24:40:33
33 Stephen Godale, 38 24:58:57
34 Michael McKenna, 36, IL 25:02:08
35 Julie Bedford, 41, MI 25:13:26 female
36 Crystal Miller, 24 25:15:10 female
37 Richard Szekeresh, 46 25:19:55
38 Rita Barnes, 51 25:47:35 female
39 Darin Dunham, 38, VA 25:51:28
40 Dick Canterbury, 59, IN 25:54:39
41 Bob Engel, 52 26:16:16
Brian Young, 38 26:16:16
43 Dana Beyeler, 55, PA 26:17:50
44 Dennis Drey, 55, NM 26:22:54
45 Michael McCune, 52 26:23:33
46 Dustin Burkholder, 28 26:26:47
47 Ronald Ross, 49 26:36:35
48 Ralph Hirt, 69, CA 26:37:40
49 Ray Bovaird, 40 26:46:04
50 Sean Humphrey, 33 26:53:09
51 George Peterk, 47, AR 26:57:29
52 Regis Shivers Jr., 37 26:59:10
53 Jeff Atwell, 29, CA 27:00:14
54 Brian Nash, 47 27:13:50
55 Sean McCormick, 35 27:17:45
56 Mike Jacolenne, 55 27:20:51
57 Thomas Schnitzius, 54, CO 27:31:46
58 Al Kershner, 53, PA 27:38:23
59 David Schwabenbauer, 42 27:39:40
60 Jeff Zimmerman, 41, IN 27:44:29
61 Brian Beduhn, 36, NC 27:49:37
62 Gabe Rainwater, 19 27:51:36
63 Michael Heider, 47 27:52:01
64 Randy Dietz, 57, PA 27:53:49
65 Linda Barhorst, 45 27:55:06 female
66 Joe Earl, 34 28:15:20
67 Stephen Wirick, 54 28:15:30
68 David Gregory, 38 28:17:03
69 James Horn, 54, IN 28:17:07
70 Paul Lefelhocz, 38 28:21:05
71 Steve Sutton, 49 28:22:53
72 Frank Dwyer, 36 28:24:21
73 Sharon Zelinski, 42, ON 28:28:43 female
74 Bill Sublett, 49, VA 28:31:52
75 Josh Dillingham, 21 28:34:51
76 Michael Denoma, 51, Singapore 28:36:00
77 Tom Jennings, 49, PA 28:38:07
78 Todd Shephard, 36 28:47:57
79 Moe White, 56, ON 28:52:08
Bruce Smith, 46, ON 28:52:08
81 Rosemary Evans, 53, KY 28:55:42 female
82 Frederick Davis III, 59 28:57:53
Timothy Gordon, 56, MI 28:57:53
84 Dannis Hughbanks, 49, KY 29:10:48
85 Bob Drake, 50 29:10:50
86 Nofal Musfy, 65, TX 29:17:24
87 William Johnson, 59, IL 29:21:32
88 Perry Johnson, 33, IL 29:21:34
89 Douglas Wielgat, 51, WI 29:24:04
90 Charles Jackson, 48, IN 29:27:17
91 Suzanne Pokorny, 40 29:27:48 female
92 Jay Barry, 53, PA 29:33:19
Joe Barry, 61, TX 29:33:19
94 Marissa Toland, 40, TX 29:41:14 female

155 starters

Monday, June 18, 2007

I made it!

It's done.

What an outrageous endeavor. One hundred miles, one day. My feet and legs are killing me today.

There's a story to tell, for sure. Bear with me while I put myself back together.

Warm weather, dry trails, and tremendous aid station support made for a great day to run. I'm grateful on this day to share the trail with many talented ultrarunners.

I ran well through about 75 miles before the quads became too sore to run much in the last 20. I succumbed to the painful walk/shuffle mode at the end.

The finish line came a little after 2am Sunday morning, with a final time of 21:16.

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Mohican

I wish I had more time for this post but time has run out.

Tomorrow's Mohican Trail 100 Mile race marks the fourth year involved and the first as a racer.

I developed the marathon bug upon moving to Ohio four years ago. Soon thereafter I discovered the local ultramarathon races: Mohican Trail 100 and Buckeye Trail 50km. It was here in 2004 that I got my first taste of the outrageous endeavor that is called the ultramarathon. I feel extremely honored to now become a Mohican participant. With only hours until race I have a million thoughts to process. I had wanted to pen some of my feelings.

I have dozens of stories on how arrived at this day. I can't possibly recall, nor recognize, all the folks that helped me get here. I owe my gratitude to many running enthusists here in NE Ohio--volunteers, runners, store owners, and friends--that I've shared a few miles with over the years.

Here's a sampling of my Mohican experience:

After enduring my first Ohio winter and Cleveland Marathon, it did not take long for me to discover NE Ohio's local treasure: The trails of the Cleveland Metroparks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Guided by the Sunday morning Vertical Runner trail runs, I quickly developed my affection for trail running. Dirt is good and mud even better.

My first encouter with an ultra race of any type was the 2004 Mohican 100. At the time, my ambition was next month's Buckeye Trail 50km. My interest in the ultra led me to Loudonville and the Mohican Wilderness. As a new member of the Cleveland West Road Runners, I volunteered for the South Park aid station (M15) and also as a pacer later in the night.

Although it was my first time going past the marathon distance, I accompanied Jody C., from Arizona, to her first 100 mile run. I was scared of the task and barely said a word for the 35 miles we shared. Jody finished strong just over 23 hours and 2nd woman overall.

Soon thereafter I completed my first ultramarathon at the BT50km and I've been fascinated ever since.

This year I came down to Mohican a day early to help mark the course. I wish I had time to list all the names, but these folks deserve much credit for the work they do to prepare the course. During the race, I returned to the South Park aid station to volunteer at M15. Later in the race, I joined my friend Dave P. and accompianied him for the last 40 miles to his first 100 mile run. We spent a lot of time with Mike H. from Texas. Dave and Mike finished together in 25 hours.

Last year, I continued the tradition and volunteered not only at South Park, but also at Landoll's Castle (M5.) In the hottest of weather (mid 90s by mid-afternoon) I spent the day crewing for Tonya B. before joining Tommy T. (from KY) for the last part of his race. The heat did not beat Tommy as he managed to best 24 hours on a brutally hot day.

The local ultra community has been very kind to me. I regret not having more time to go back and thank everyone who helped me as an ultrarunner. There is however, one special runner, whom I really admire for his continued excellence here. Its my honor to join TJ Hawk on his 10th Mohican this weekend. I've shared a few miles over the years with TJ at the various races. He's never hesitated to share his experience and wisdom. I will cherish sharing a few words with him, as well as the rest of the NE Ohioans, after the run is over.

Well, I'm out the door now. You can say that I've been looking forward to this day for some time now. Four years, I suppose.

This year is My Mohican.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week of June 3-9

Sun: Run 3 mi easy; Cycle 12 mi
Mon: Run 6
Tue: Run 10.5 miles, with 6000m at I-pace; ladder workout (200m-400-600-800-1000-1200-1000-800); Cycle 10
Wed: Run 6.5
Thur: Run 4.5 (trails)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Run 13 (trails)

Run: 43.5 miles on 6 runs (6hr 26m)
Cycling: 22 miles (1r 26m)
Swim: 0.6 miles (21min)

A fairly easy week.

The highlight was the Tuesday track group. The only ones around were Tara and Scott, training for speed, so I joined their planned ladder workout. After the past few weeks of lactate threshold pace running, it felt good to mix up the pace:

2.5 warm-up
3.75 @ I-pace
1.75 recovery laps
2.5 cool-down

Workout was a ladder. 200-400-600-800-1000-1200-1000-800-600-400-200 (all with 400m recoveries)

Splits: :42/1:25/2:11/2:57/3:40/4:29/3:35/2:56 (skipped the last 600, 400, and 200)

I haven't started pulling my hair out yet, but its now less than one week until Mohican. Let the weather watch begin.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Week of May 27 - June 2

Sun: Run 7 mi easy; Cycle 8 mi
Mon: Run 21 (trails at Mohican St. Park); Cycle 6
Tue: Run 6 easy; Cycle 10
Wed: Run 4 easy; Swim 1050 yds
Thur: Run 11.5, with 7.5 @ tempo pace (5x 1.5mi; with 2 min recoveries); Cycle 4
Fri: Rest
Sat: Run 8; Cycle 17

Run: 57.5 miles on 6 runs (9hr 00m)
Cycling: 46.0 miles (3hr 17m)
Swim: 0.6 miles (21min)

A good training week, highlighted by the daytrip to Mohican and the Thursday night quality workout.

I headed down to Mohican on Monday with intentions to run a few loops of the race course. The plan was to start at Covered Bridge, run the short Blue loop, followed by Red loop to Rock Point and Green loop returning to Covered Bridge.

Having only been to the Mohican race during each of the past 3 years, along with a couple other camping trips, I have a general idea of the course. But without the normal race-weekend trail markings, I got lost. I made it through the Blue okay, with an added hill repeat of the road section since I did not know the trailhead was so far up the road. Then on Red, I think I took a wrong turn and ended up on the mountain bike trail. I thought to myself how much nicer the bike trail was than the bridal trails. After passing-through the Bridal Staging Area, I headed out on the 7+ miles to Rock Point. Following the "MO100" trail markings, and after a couple stream crossings, apparently I made a wrong turn. After 45 minutes of running I end back at the Bridal Staging area. Ugh. I had really wanted to run the Green section from Rock Point to South Park. Realizing I didn't have enough time to get it all done, I adjusted course and took a connector to the Fire Tower and ran a little bit on the Green (in both directions) before finally ending on Covered Bridge.

All-in-all, not what I set out to do, yet pleased that I got some miles in before the Mohican race. I'm a little bit concerned about the elevation. I had forgotten how hilly it is at Mohican. I don't think I've done enough hill training and leg strengthening. I'm worried about my quads giving out on race day.

On Thursday night, I ran my peak tempo session of the season. Over the past few weeks, I've progressed the tempo run from my standard six miles, to seven last week, and this week I extended it further than ever before with 7.5 miles of tempo-pace in one workout.

The degree of difficulty increased when I received a phone call from my training partner on Thursday afternoon. She cancelled, leaving me to run this one solo.

11.5 miles total
3.0 mi warm-up
7.5 mi @ T-pace (5x 1.5mi; with 2min recoveries) (Ave 6:41 pace)
1.0 mi cool-down

1.5 mile splits: 9:57/9:59/10:01/10:05/10:09

A little warm on this night and, with no partner to chase, it was going to be tough. The workout was a Daniels-style "Cruise Interval" workout. I took it one interval at a time and by the time I hit #4, there was no stopping me. I just keep on believing that this workout was making me tougher than ever.

I'm very pleased with the self-determination to do this workout solo. This was my longest volume of T-pace in one session. Fifty minutes of T-pace. The run did not go entirely as planned, as during the last interval I felt a bruise on the top of my left foot in the normal area of a stress fracture. So I cut back on the cool-down run.

Am I ready for MO? Only time will tell. Having this quality workout under my belt has my confidence rising.

Two weeks to go. Its time to taper the physical training, but the mental preparation continues...