Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New 24 Hour Ultra in Cleveland

Northcoast 24 website

I've been listening in to the discussion/coordination for this event. The organizers are ready to announce that the Northcoast 24 Hour Endurance Run has come to fruition. The course is roughly 0.91 mile paved loop around Edgewater State Park in Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie.

When I lived in Lakewood, Edgewater Park loop was a regular route -- I've looped the paved path there dozens of times. The path is certainly flat and the downtown vista a delight. The key variable to this event is the weather. The bottom loop (proposed course) is exposed to winds with little barrier to inclement weather.

In the U.S., there seems to be a lack of a quality 24 hour ultra events to help determine the national team. I wonder if the Northcoast 24 could fit that bill, attracting top tier ultra distance runners to Cleveland. That would be cool and I look forward to October 3 to witness.

Participate? The last (and only) time I ran a timed event was only half this duration. Pondering.