Sunday, August 19, 2007

Week of August 12-18

Sun: 7 E. Cycle 8.
Mon: 4 E. Swim 1000.
Tue: 9 E. Cycle 10.
Wed: 5 E.
Thur: 9.5 Miles, with 5.5 at T-pace (7x 5min; with 1 min recoveries) T=6:32
Fri: 4 E
Sat: 5 E. Cooled down with 6x strides. Cycle 9.

Run: 43.5
Cycle: 27
Swim: 1000m

And since my weeks are Sun-Sat, a little spoiler for next week:

Today's 10M race in 1:03:56 (6:24) -- Based on my recent training paces, I went into race thinking 6:35s and hold for as long as possible. I found myself there, and then some. Had some gas in the tank and averaged 6:08 over last 3 miles.

Now 7 weeks left to go.


Blogger Chef Bill Bailey said...

Great job extra gas in the tank is always a bonus.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Papa Louie said...

good job on the 10 mile race!

6:35 PM  

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