Sunday, December 31, 2006

My race log

This is my race log.

A work in progress, this is a first draft at listing my lifetime races. I started keeping a run log and racing regularly in 2003, yet the data is spread all over the place. I hope to get it all organized and make this post a permanent link in sidebar.

Check back for updates, addition of personal comment, and when available, links to race reports.

June - Sound to Narrows 12k, Tacoma WA (time unknown)
Sep - Super Jock 'n Jill 13.1M, Woodinville WA (1:31)
Oct - Portland Marathon, OR (3:18); first marathon

Comments: Stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA from 1997-2001. The Sound to Narrows race is a Tacoma tradition on a pretty, yet wicked hilly course. On 8 weeks notice, joined my roommate and another colleague on a crash-course in marathon. Longest long run 18 miles. Ran my first half and full marathons.

June - Sound to Narrows 12k, Tacoma WA (time unknown)
Sep - Super Jock 'n Jill 13.1M, Woodinville WA (1:5x)
Oct - Royal Victoria Marathon, British Columbia (3:22)

Comments: Not as dilligent at training this year. Golf was still my pastime of choice.

2003 (5 races)
4/26 - Borgess 5k, Kalamazoo MI (20:19) - 5k debut
6/14 - Kalamazoo Klassic 10k (40:54) - PR
7/4 - Lindsey's 5k, Richland MI (19:26) - PR
9/7 - Cleveland Clinic River Run Half Marathon 13.1M (1:27:41) - PR breakthough race
10/19 - Columbus Marathon (3:13:58) - PR

Comments: Naturally, every distance in my debut season would be a PR. 2003 was the year I finally quit smoking. Cold turkey on Aug 15. I aimed directly for Boston Marathon qualifying (sub-3:11) and fell less than two minutes shy. The River Run HM was a huge breakout performance. I had no idea I could maintain that sort of speed.

2004 (12 races)
3/7 - Shamrock 15k (1:08:49)
4/24 - Cleveland Marathon (3:13:13) - PR
5/29 - Race for the Parks 4M (25:20) - Distance debut
6/6 - Rocky River 5M (33:07)
6/12 - Bees Cross Country 5k (23:21)
7/4 - Bay Days 5M (31:47) - PR
7/31 - Buckeye Trail 50km (5:36) - First ultramarathon
9/12 - River Run Half Marathon 13.1M (1:39:29) - 1:40 pacer
9/19 - Buckeye Half Marathon 13.1M (1:30:48)
10/2 - Akron Marathon (3:39:50) - 3:40 pacer
10/10 - Towpath Marathon Relay, 6mi leg (38:10) - Member of Team Endura: w/Angie, Chris, Tiffany & Marie
10/24 - Detroit Marathon (3:15:40) - Started too fast, crawled to the finish. Humid day

Comments: In 2004 came close again, but still chasing the BQ. This year I discovered the Mohican Trail 100 as I ran as pacer for an Arizona woman who finished 2nd place. Went 35 miles through the night with Jody. I've been enchanted with Mohican ever since.

2005 (17 races)
3/6 - Youngstown Half Marathon - (1:29:06) - Revised course due to construction this year. Less hills.
4/10 - Athens (OH) Marathon (3:22:48) - Hot and humid day. 55F at start, 75F at two-hour mark. I survived.
5/1 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH (3:09:27) - PR and Boston Qualifer
5/22 - Cleveland Marathon (3:30:05) - 3:30 pacer
5/28 - Race for the Parks 4M (24:38) - PR
6/5 - Rocky River 5M - (32:55) - Hot 80F at start
7/17 - Findlay Lake Sprint Triathlon (1:24) - First triathlon; a cross-country run course.
7/30 - Buckeye Trail 50km (4:53) - PR Perfect weather and breakthrough ultra race.
7/30 - Shot in the Dark 4M (27:29) - Became a certified loon on this day.
8/14 - Greater Cleveland Sprint Tri - (1:21)
8/21 - Charity Challenge 5k "Dee's Race" (18:58) - PR
8/28 - Woodbury (MN) Half Marathon (1:33:30) - Nice training run while on vacation.
9/12 - Cleveland River Run Half Marathon (1:26:21) - PR
10/1 - Akron Marathon (3:40) - 3:40 pacer
10/9 - Towpath Marathon (3:19:50) - Huge negative split, 1:44/1:35
10/23 - Detroit Marathon (3:40) - 3:40 pacer
11/19 - JFK 50 Mile (8:28)

Comments: Started this year still aiming at the BQ. First try did not work. Bounced back after a super warm day in Athens to make a good run at the Flying Pig. Ran first 50M race in November at the JFK 50.

2006 (18 races)
3/5 - Youngstown Half Marathon (1:32)
4/8 - Spring Classic 5K (18:56) - PR
4/17 - Boston Marathon (3:16)
4/29 - Kentucky Derby Marathon, Louisville KY (3:40) - 3:40 pacer
5/7 - Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati OH (3:27)
6/10 - Laurel Ultra 70M, Ohiopyle PA (15 hours 54 min) - Longest run to date
7/8 - Muddy Paws 5M trail (43:xx)
7/29 - Buckeye Trail 50K (5:21)
8/6 - Lighthouse Sprint Triathlon (1:14:06)
9/2 - Celebrate Westlake 5 mile (31:29) - PR
9/9 - Groundhog 50K (4:39) - PR
9/10 - Erie Marathon (3:32) - first back-to-back weekend
9/23 - YUT-C 50K (5:18)
9/30 - Akron Marathon (3:40) - 3:40 pacer
10/7 - Nature's Bin 5K (19:11)
10/21 - Presque Isle 12 hour (76 miles) - New distance PR
11/4 - West Haven 5K (18:49) - PR
11/18 - JFK 50 Mile (DNF- injury)

2007 (10 races)
3/5 - Youngstown Half (1:42)
4/14 - Bull Run Run 50M (8:17) PR
5/6 - Flying Pig Marathon (3:08) PR
6/16 - Mohican Trail 100 mile (21:16) Debut 100
7/21 - Shot in the Dark 4M (25:01)
8/19 - Perfect 10 Mile (1:03:56) PR
9/8 - Dances with Dirt 100km relay (9:11)
10/7 - Steamtown Marathon (3:16)
10/21 - Rocky River Spirit 5K (18:58)
10/28 - Grand Rapids Marathon (3:04:07) PR

Whew! I'm still gathering thoughts on 2007. There's unfinished business out there and I'm aiming for higher heights in 2008.

2008 (6 races)
1/5 - Team Slug Fattest Butt 50km (4:52)
1/26 - Winter Buckeye Trail 50km (5:10)
2/16 - Chili Bowl 5km (19:19)
3/30 - ING Georgia Marathon (3:24:16)
4/12 - Run for your life 5km (18:30) PR
4/21 - Boston Marathon (3:06:54)

Personal Records

Personal running records
400m - 66 seconds (8/04) On a dare after a 8x400 workout.
800m -
1 mile -
2 mile - 11:26 (Army days, 1998)
5 km - 17:37 (10/09)
4 mile - 23:45 (11/09)
5 mile - 29:53 (7/09)
10 km - 40:54 (6/03)
15 km - 1:08:49 (3/04)
10 mile - 1:03:56 (8/07)
20 km
13.1 mile - 1:21:53 (11/09)
25 km -
30 km -
Marathon 26.2 mile - 2:58:16 (10/08)
50 km (road) - 4:14 (3/09)
50 km (trail) - 4:39 (9/06)
50 mile (road) - 7:37 (10/06); first 50mi of 12 hour run
50 mile (trail) - 8:17 (4/07)
100 km (road) - 9:43 (10/06); first 62mi of 12 hour run
12 hours - 76 miles (10/06)
100 mile - 21:16 (6/07 - Mohican Trail 100)
24 hours -

2006 race links, results & reports

Links to race results and reports.

  • 11/18 - JFK 50 Mile (DNF- injury) - Race Report

  • 11/4 - West Haven 5K (18:49) PR

  • 10/21 - Presque Isle 12 hour (76 mi) - Race Report - Splits

  • 10/7 - Nature's Bin 5K (19:11)

  • 9/30 - Akron Marathon (3:40 pace leader) - Splits

  • 9/23 - YUT-C 50K (5:18) - Race Report

  • 9/10 - Erie Marathon (3:32) - Splits - Recap

  • 9/9 - Groundhog 50K (4:39) PR - Race Report

  • 9/2 - Westlake 5 mile (31:29) PR - Race Report

  • 8/6 - Lighthouse Sprint Triathlon (1:14:06) - Race Report

  • 7/29 - Buckeye Trail 50K (5:21) - Race Report

  • 7/8 - Muddy Paws 5M trail race (43:xx)

  • 6/10 - Laurel Ultra 70M (15:54) - Laurel training thread

  • 5/7 - Flying Pig Marathon (3:27) - Race Report

  • 4/29 - Kentucky Derby Marathon, Louisville KY (3:40 pace leader)

  • 4/17 - Boston Marathon (3:16) - Splits

  • 4/8 - Spring Classic 5K (18:56) PR

  • 3/5/06 - Youngstown Half Marathon(1:32)
  • List of Marathons and ultras completed

    Marathons (32)
    1998 - Portland OR
    1999 - Victoria BC
    2003 - Columbus OH
    2004 - Cleveland OH, Akron OH, Detroit MI
    2005 - Athens OH, Flying Pig OH, Akron, Towpath OH, Detroit
    2006 - Boston MA, Kentucky Derby KY, Flying Pig, Presque Isle PA, Akron
    2007 - Flying Pig, Akron, Steamtown PA, Grand Rapids MI
    2008 - ING Georgia, Boston, Mad City WI, Grandfather Mountain NC, Akron, Marine Corps DC
    2009 - Akron
    2010 - Glass City, Akron
    2011 - Boston, Akron
    2012 - Akron

    Ultramarathons (18)
    2004 - Buckeye Trail 50km
    2005 - Buckeye Trail 50km, JFK 50 Mile
    2006 - Laurel Ultra 70 Mile, Buckeye Trail 50km, Punxsytawney PA Groundhog 50km, Youngstown 50km, Presque Isle 12 hour run
    2007 - Bull Run Run 50 Mile, Mohican Trail 100 Mile
    2008 - Team Slug 50km DE, Winter Buckeye Trail 50km, Green Jewel 100km
    2009 - Green Jewel 50km, Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile VA
    2010 - Green Jewel 50km, Oil Creek 50km PA
    2011 - Laurel Ultra 77 Mile
    2012 - none

    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    Pes Anserine Bursitis

    I visited the Sports Medicine doctor yesterday for knee pain. After an exam and x-rays, I was diagnosed with Pes Anserine Bursitis. Click here for link to article.

    I'm not sure how exactly I contracted it, but the pain started on Saturday after the 20 mile long run. I spent an hour at the computer with my knee in a kinked sitting position. Upon arising from the sitting position, I felt the torque on my knee. I didn't make much of it at that moment.

    Waking up from sleep on Sunday I felt the most excruciating pain in the knee as I attempted to get up out of bed and straighten the leg. This pain was incredible. Yet after getting up and walking around, the pain disappeared. I even went on an easy run at the Zoo.

    In the middle of the night on Monday morning, the extreme pain cropped up again. Man, I never felt such pain as I tried to straighten out the leg at the knee joint. It took several minutes to straighten it out. But once again, after getting up and out of bed and walking around the leg returned to normal. No pain.

    Later that morning I cut short my trail run. For once, running on trails was more painful than running on pavement. My knee was not agreeing with the uneven terrain and lateral movement of the knee. Also, sitting at the desk became painful when my leg and knee was not entirely square. Apparently, I've discovered that I have poor sitting habits--I have a habit of dangling my legs and placing strain on my poor knee.

    The good news is that this bursitis will not sideline me for long. I've been prescribed physical therapy for strengthening exercises and stretches for the hamstrings and quads. Although its feeling better already, I've decided to take a whole week off from running.

    As an aside, one of our local running stores has an online bulletin board where Dr. Nilesh Shah answers sports injury questions. I posted my predicament there and he promptly answered my question.. He also has a policy to see patients within 24 hours of calling in. Kudos to the RunDoc for seeing me on short notice. I really appreciate this. At first, my amateur research pointed me to medial meniscus. But after his exam he ruled that out and gave me the diagnosis. Thank goodness that my predicament is not what I suspected!

    Swimming pool, here I come!

    Wednesday, December 20, 2006

    Laurel Highlands run

    (Photo: Mile 3 of the LHHT, overlooking the Youghiogheny River near Ohiopyle, PA)

    I felt it on tonight's run. The residual effect of a pounding downhill trail run lingered in my legs.

    Last Sunday I headed over to SW Pennsylvania with DF for a daytrip to run in the Laurel Highlands. It was a splendid day--clear, calm skies with temps in the mid-50s. Starting from Ohiopyle, we covered 11.5 out-and-back miles (23 total) of this 70 mile backpacking trail. This trip brought back memories of the last time I visited here during the Laurel Ultra back in June. On that day I covered the 70 miles in 15 hours 54 minutes.

    Starting from Ohiopyle, the first 8 miles of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail feature the trail's most dramatic elevation changes. After a short warm-up mile, the rocky terrain immediately climbs up 700 feet to a picturesque vista of the "Yough" River near mile three. After another couple miles of rolling trail, the major climb is a steep and rocky 1200 feet ending at a scenic valley overlook near the mile 8 marker.

    More than I wish to admit, this was a difficult day. I had just run 16 hilly miles on Saturday. Yet I just could not pass up this opportunity to visit Laurel on such a gorgeous day. DF has signed up to run the formidable Massanutten Trail 100 Mile in May and he wanted to train on some rocky hills. Although its 3 hours away, Laurel is the best closest place to find such terrain. On this day and due to my fatigue, DF led the way and I followed.

    We reached our supply cache at the Maple Summit Road crossing in 2:47. After a 20-minute break to refuel and refill water bottles, the downhill return journey began. With fatigue setting in and energy stores depleted, the downhill shuffle took its toll on my quads. With about 4 miles to go, we reached the last uphill climb before being treated to the same scenic vistas of the Yough. We arrived back in Ohiopyle after another 2:45 of running and hiking for a total of 5.5 hours on the trail.

    The next edition of the Laurel Ultra takes place on June 9, 2007. I'm torn since its only one week prior to the Mohican 100. Since I can't imagine running both, perhaps I can recruit some local runners to tackle either the 70 Mile or 50k races at Laurel.

    Monday, December 18, 2006

    Week of December 10-16

    What happened to December? Mild temperatures allowed for a complete week of running in shorts. No doubt the snow and frigidness will come soon enough.

    Sun- 6.5 miles Easy (trails)
    Mon- 4 Easy
    Tue- 8 Easy
    Wed- 8.5 Easy
    Thur- 7.5 Easy
    Fri- rest
    Sat- 16 on hills

    Total: 50 miles on 6 runs.

    I'm thrilled with the volume and hope to maintain it through the new year. Yet I still haven't made it to the pool for a swim. Since our new YMCA opened this month I have, however, become enthusiastic about cross and strength training. I'm using this runner-specific leg-strengthening routine twice per week, along with learning how to lift using the exercise ball. I like how use of the ball encourages multi-tasking; by engaging the core while performing the exercise. I spent some time Saturday with a trainer friend of mine and she gave me some instruction on use of the exercise ball. It didn't take long for her to surmise that I have a weak core.

    The challenge, for me, will be to balance running volume with all the rest. I'm hoping that the strength work continues on and that it doesn't become just another fad that falls by the wayside some 3 weeks down the road.

    Did I mention its now only 6 months until Mohican? Giddyup.

    Wednesday, December 13, 2006


    Lately, I haven't found the energy to blog. Part of me wants to announce a hiatus, and the other part of me knows better. Its been my experience that its easier to think less in absolutes and more on a day-by-day basis. need to make any grand announcements for a break. I'll just be coming here to write when so inspired. It works for me. Today I'm just checking in.

    Last week was the first full week back to running. 40 miles on 5 runs, including a long Saturday run of 13 miles. Hoping to build upon this through December and towards the new year. The plan is to start a marathon training plan in January.

    Injury update: After a couple weeks on the mend, I've gradually returned to regular running. My last trail run confirmed that the ankle is stable and can withstand uneven terrain.

    Weekly miles since JFK:
    and this week I'm on track for about 45.

    The new Lakewood YMCA opened on December 1st. Seeing the new facility inspired me to strengthen up. You see, if left alone to my own wishes I'd choose to run. No weights, no abs or core, no push-ups. No nothing. Just run. Can you blame me?

    I found this running-specific leg strengthening program:

    Three strength-training exercises to improve stride length and frequency, by Walt Reynolds.

    I'm done with week one. The routine is a group of three exercises, somewhat plyometric in nature, performed twice per week. It takes about 20 minutes before a run. So far, I like it. Among other things, its simple. The author does a nice job describing the plan and contrasting this program against other leg exercises that some runners perform.

    This weekend there's a chance for a day trip over to southwest PA to the Laurel Highlands for some trail running on the LHHT. The weather outlook looks great for December.

    Happy trails.

    Friday, December 08, 2006

    22 degrees F, 17mph winds, feels like 4F

    Last night's run: about 8 miles in 70 minutes. Took it easy while dancing on the snow and ice.

    I'm back. And so is old man winter. Brrr. Yet there's something about running outside, no matter what the weather. With good gear and proper layering, I'm amazed at the body's resiliency with handling the elements. Once moving, you know, it ain't so bad.

    On being a runner and having a spring marathon goal: It seems as if winter flies by when there's a marathon to train for. I look forward to the new season.

    Injury report: Having run 5 out of last 6 days, it seems like I'm back in action. No more swelling nor pain in the ankle. A weekend trail run will be the next test.

    Best wishes to the crew running the URINEO Fat Ass 50 Mile in Mill Creek Park tomorrow. Sounds like a challenge that someday I'd like to tackle. Speaking of FAs, I'm now building up milage in order to participate in the Cleveland version of the FA 50 on Jan 6th.