Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week of August 19-25

Sun: 16 total; with 10 mile race (1:03:56, 6:24 pace); Cycle 7
Mon: 4 E; swim 1000
Tue: 8 E; Cycle 10
Wed: 3 E
Thur: 6.5 E (trails)
Fri: 3.5 E
Sat: 21 long run on hills.

62 miles

A scheduled recovery week with no speed session. A good thing, since the tune-up race left me with some lingering fatigue. One final comment regarding the 10M race -- my T-pace sessions of the last couple weeks were run at 6:30-6:35 pace. In the race, I was able to hold 6:30-ish, steadily increasing the pace in the second half. Last three miles averaged 6:08 pace.

Makes me wonder if I am running my T-pace a bit slow.

Saturday's long run was only supposed to be 19, but got lost on the trails, and ran 2 extra miles depleted for an extra 20 minutes. I needed a depletion run like this. Having to suck it up on empty = good mental training? The course: Hinckley Reservation 10 mile road loop + 11 miles of trails.

My schedule has changed and I will not travel to Oregon in October. What a great consolation that I will join my training buddies for the group's goal race at the Steamtown Marathon on October 7th.

Six weeks to go.


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