Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week of July 8-14

Sun: Run 8.5 miles, Cycle 7 miles
Mon: Run 4, Swim 1000 yds
Tue: Run 9 Intervals (6x 800m; with 400m recovery jogs), Cycle 10
Wed: Run 5
Thur: Run 9
Fri: Run 5 (trails)
Sat: Run 8 (trails)

800 splits: 3:06/3:05/3:05/3:08/3:03/3:03

Run: 48.5 miles
Cycle: 17 miles
Swim: 1000 yds

12 weeks to go, and the first week of a phase of intervals (I-pace.) Current VDOT 51 = 3:06 per 800m. The forecast called for 90F temps on track night, but a cool breeze kept the temps down. Enough to run the set, but still hot.

The highlight of the week as this year's Buckeye Trail 50km trail race. Although not running it this year, I was able to get down there to help out and watch the record day. In past years, Vince, Dave, Greg, and I marked the course early Thursday morning. This year, we marked it on Friday night and I think it worked out better, except that we ran out of materials. Vince got happy with the spray chalk all up down the trail. I thought it was a bit excessive and left an unnecessary trace. We did, however, mark the trail better than ever before.

I ended up returning early Saturday morning to mark from the start to Ottawa Point. I got to watch the entire field of runners (181 - a new race record) pass by me near the third mile. Then I reversed all the signage heading back towards the finish line for the racers' return trip. I spent the remainder of the day at the finish line recording the results.

If you've never run the Buckeye Trail down in the Cuyahoga Valley, click here for a great Web Gallery from this years race. The trail was dry and fast.


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