Sunday, July 22, 2007

Week of July 15-21

Sun: Run 18 miles, Cycle 12 miles
Mon: Run 4
Tue: Run 10.25 Intervals (7x800m @ I-pace; with 400m recovery jogs), Cycle 10
Wed: Run 10
Thur: Run 6 (trails), Cycle 11
Fri: Run 3
Sat: Run 9 (4 mile race - 25:01)

800m splits: 3:03/3:07/3:02/3:00/2:59/2:59/2:57

Run: 60 miles
Cycle: 33 miles
Swim: 0

11 weeks to go. 2nd week of Interval phase and nothing spectacular to report regarding the Interval workout. Pacing good.

Saturday's night race was a tad warm (81F) in the direct sun. Not bad, but I felt rushed when they started the race 5 minutes early. Sheesh. When does that ever happen? I never felt entirely relaxed, but I should have expected as much since this was my first 'short' race of the year.

Splits: 6:13-6:19-6:17-6:12 = 25:01
Place: 36/915

The performance falls in the VDOT 52-53 range, reflecting a bit of improvement from the 2 mile trial of four weeks ago.

Next week, looking forward to more intervals and a weekend long run on hills.


Blogger Addy said...

looks like you had a good week! What a placing in that race :) Congrats! Sorry you never felt completely relaxed, but it does make sense, since you're used to longer distances. Plus, they starte early. That really is quite a rarity!

11:29 AM  

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