Saturday, May 05, 2007

Week of April 29 - May 5

Sun: Run 10 miles easy; Cycle 5 mi
Mon: Run 4 miles; Swim 1500 yards
Tue: 6 miles easy; Cycle 11 mi
Wed: 8.5 miles; with 3mi @ T-pace (4x 1200m; with 1min rests)
Thur: 6 miles easy (trails); Cycle 11 mi
Fri: rest; Cycle 14 mi
Sat: 3 miles easy

Run: 37.5 miles on 6 runs (5hr 12m)
Cycling: 45 miles (3hr 5m)
Swim: 0.9 miles (32m)

A semi-taper week. Feeling good enough to run the Flying Pig, so I'm heading down to Cincinnati today. Naturally, I'm enamored with this race as its the site of my best marathon to date. Weather forcast seems favorable, save for some wind.

The outside goal is to qualify for next year's Boston Marthon, but the general goal is for a solid and enjoyable training run. Can you tell I was really happy at the end of the 2005 Pig?


Blogger Addy said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! Hope you meet your goal :)

Can't wait to read a race report!

12:02 AM  
Blogger Tim Looney said...

Hey Lloyd - nice job at the Pig. Congrats on your BQ!!

7:40 PM  

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