Sunday, March 25, 2007

Week of March 18-24

Sun: 10.5 miles easy (trails)
Mon: 7 miles easy; cooled down with 6x strides
Tue: 11 miles with 6mi @ T-pace (6:38) (4x 1.5mi; with 2-3 minute recoveries)
Wed: 7 miles easy
Thur: 10.25 miles with 4.25mi @ marathon pace (2x 15min; with a 4min recovery) T= 6:58 pace
Fri: 3 miles easy
Sat: 23 miles long run (3:20); Road cycling 8 miles

Run: 72.75 miles on 7 runs (10 hrs 26 min)
Road cycling: 8 miles
Spin: none

A peak week, highlighted by the weekend long run.

Backing away from the VO2Max workouts of the past 8 weeks, the key quality run of the week was the 6 miles of Cruise Intervals on Tuesday. The rest of the track gang continued doing 800s while I moved on.

The group travelled down to the Cuyahoga Valley for the long run. We did the 'old' Vertical Runner 20 mile course starting at Station Road Bridge. I like the mix of towpath, road, bike paths, and trails:

- Towpath trail south to Lock 29 and return to Boston Store.
- Head east up Boston Mill Rd.
- Turn north on Bike and Hike trail past Brandywine Falls.
- At Greenwood Village, connect to the long leg of the Carriage Loop trail and down into the valley.
- Return to the start point via the towpath trail.

Its now 3 weeks to Bull Run Run and 12 weeks to the Mohican Trail. I plan to keep on training and only do a short taper for Bull Run.

Looking ahead, I'm planning an FA 50km next Sunday on April Fools Day. The initial idea is to start at Happy Days Visitor Center and hit all of the trails in the Ledges and Virginia Kendall complex. Stay tuned.


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