Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fools' Fat Ass

Remember this post from a few weeks ago?

The day is near and the April Fool's Fat-Ass run is going down. No fee, no aid, no awards. No whining.

Meeting at Happy Days Visitor Center. Start at 7am.

Be prepared for anything, but the initial plan is to run all the trails in the Virginia Kendall unit of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

There a short loop (3 mi) on the Boston Run trail, which is north of Rte. 303.

And I measured off a long loop (12.5 mi) that consists of a tour of all the remaining trails south of Rte. 303:

- Start on Haskell run and connect to;
- Ledges trail (east half)
- Pine Grove trail (counter-clockwise)
- connect to Kendall Lake area and cross Truxell Rd;
- Lake trail (east half)
- Cross Country trail (clockwise) and towards the end of the trail connect up to the Little Meadow parking lot before connecting down to the Pine Hollow parking lot
- Pine Hollow is a water point with a restroom (6.7 mi)
- continue down and connect to Salt Run trail. Run clockwise.
- After returning back from the valley floor, connect to the west half of the Lake trail; cross road to
- connect back to Ledges (do not run Pine Grove again)
- Return to Happy Days via the west half of the Ledges trail and Haskell Run.
- 12.5 miles total

The goal this weekend is two good trail runs before starting a two-week taper for Bull Run.

Happy trails!


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