Monday, April 02, 2007

Week of March 25-31

Sun: 6 miles easy (trails)
Mon: 5 miles easy
Tue: 11.5 miles with 6.5mi @ T-pace (6:31) (5x 1600m, 1x 2400m; with 90 second recoveries)
Wed: 7 easy
Thur: 5 easy
Fri: rest
Sat: 10 miles (Buckeye Trail)

Tuesday's 1600m splits: 6:24/6:23/6:26/6:35/6:30/6:35 & 3:17 (42+ min total of T)

Run: 44.5 miles on 6 runs (6 hrs 31 min)
Road cycling: 9 miles

A somewhat lighter week, highlighted by the Tempo paced run on Tuesday. The workout was a set of mile cruise intervals. With fabulous weather, the track group swelled to about 30 people. With all the positive energy around, I ran the first few miles a bit too fast. By the end of the workout I really felt the burn, but all-in-all another successful workout.

The Fool's FA went down on Sunday. With two weeks to go to Bull Run Run and a 40 mile trail weekend under the belt, its taper time.


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