Monday, March 19, 2007

Week of March 11-17

Sun: Run 4 miles easy; Spin 40 minutes
Mon: 5 miles easy; cooled down with 4x strides
Tue: 11.25 Intervals (94 min) with 7x800m @ interval pace; with 400m recovery jogs (splits 2:57-3:11)
Tue: 8 miles road cycling
Wed: 5 miles easy
Thur: 11 miles (90 min) with 3 miles @ Tempo pace (4x 1200m; with 1 min recoveries) T= 6:35 pace
Fri: Spin 15 min
Sat: Run 13.5 miles easy; Spin 45 minute

Run: 49 miles on 6 runs (7 hrs 3 min)
Road cycling: 8 miles
Spin: 1 hr 40 minutes

Last week started off fabulously, with pleasant spring-like weather on Monday and Tuesday. I even rode the bike to the track on Tuesday.

Over the past 8 weeks, I've followed the Benji Durden marathon training plan while training with a few of my friends whom are headed to the Boston Marathon in 3.5 weeks. The plan calls for 2 quality workouts per week, along with a weekend long run.

This upcoming week, I plan to cut back from the twice per week quality to one longer tempo run on Tuesday nights. My plan is to change it up from the VO2Max training and to focus on a phase of long tempos for the next three weeks.

My apologies for the sparse blogging. I look forward to writing more, especially as Bull Run Run 50 and Mohican 100 approach.


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What do you think of that marathon plan?

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