Sunday, February 18, 2007

Week of February 11-17

Sun: Run 5 miles
Mon: Swim 2000 yards
Tue: Snowed in
Wed: Run 6
Thur: Run 8 (with 3mi at Tempo pace)
Fri: Run 3 (with 4x strides)
Sat: Run 11.5 long run (1:45)

Run: 33.5 miles (4 hrs 51 min)
Swim: 2000 yards (44 min)

The blizzard of Monday-Tuesday changed up the weekly schedule. Tuesday's run was cancelled due to the storm and accumulated snow and the final hill workout never happened. The bitter cold and snowy surfaces continued throughout the week. I turned to the treadmill on Thursday for my first tempo run of the year. Ran about 20 minutes, or 3 miles, of T-pace at about 6:50 pace. The heart rate was pegged a bit higher than normal, but it comes as no surprise as my fitness is still relatively low at this juncture of the season. A few more weeks of tempo running and I imagine I will show an improvement from this week's fitness level.

The Midwest region is still under an extended cold spell. Saturday's run in 20F felt relatively balmy compared the previous few weeks. I'll be happy with anything over 15F, okay?

I look forward to a better running week, capped off with a long Sunday run at the local marathon proving grounds known as Hinckley.


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