Saturday, January 20, 2007

How to run 100 miles?

I've been asked this question recently, but how would I know?

With the inaugural Burning River 100 Mile race coming to town this August, I've received several of these inquiries.

The closest I've come to the experience are the few times I've "paced," other runners at both the Mohican and the Massanutten Trail 100 mile races. One thing I do know is that it requires running into and through the night. There's no doubt that night navigation skills will make-or-break one's success in surviving the distance.

Each race has its own rules. Generally, pacers can join their runner at around mile 60, or when the clock nears sunset. It's been my pleasure to accompany, or pace, these ultrarunners. Each trip had its own special moments. In my experience, if nothing else except for the additional light, pacers are invaluable to help the runner stay awake and make it through the night. Especially if they go the final 35-40 miles together as a team. I digress.

I'm trying to answer this very question for myself as I dream of running this absurd distance. I imagine there is no one single way to train for a hundred. But there's a ton good info out there on the net. For starters, I point out websites like Stan Jensen's Run 100s and Kevin Sayer's Ultra Running Resource.

The research is ongoing, but so far I've really enjoyed Dave Bursler's article "How to run 100 miles." He broke it down in a way where I can actually wrap my head around the task.

So, I say to anyone interested in the local 100s such as Mohican or Burning River, these sites are a good starting point for information.

At some point thereafter, stop reading and start running.

But then again, how would I know?


Blogger Kim said...

That is also the cachet of being another 100 mile virgin..what is out there, beyond our current limits, what will we experience, how will we deal with whatever is thrown at us. Very interesting.
I'll be finding out quite soon at Umstead.

5:22 PM  
Blogger ErieTom said...

If anyone can show us 100 mile virgins how to do it, it is you Lloyd! After watching you lap me so many times on your way to 76 miles in 12 hours, I have no doubt you'll do well at this distance... and in a very fast time!

8:16 PM  

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