Tuesday, January 30, 2007


(Photo credit: blogger Mike and his shoes)

After hearing from fans of screwed shoes over the years and marveling at their success at this weekend's Winter Buckeye Trail 50k, I finally got screwed.

Here's how I did it. Materials: About 30 sheet metal screws (#6, 1/2 inch long,) cordless drill, and an awl to punch little starter holes. I placed 15 screws around the edges of each shoe and did not bother with the middle. Unlike the above photo, I avoided the areas near the balls and heels in the middle of the shoe. After an initial test run, I could feel a screw on the bottom of my foot, so I removed and replaced that one screw. Since then, the screwed shoes have worked like a charm.

Sunday's run: 10 miles on snow and ice covered sidewalks and paths. No problems with my screwed shoes. Amazing traction and total control on the slick surfaces. I did, however, find myself shunning the open and cleared roads for more icy, snowy (and softer) surfaces.

Thanks to Matt Carpenter for his link and also to members of the NE Ohio Trail Running Club for showing me screwed shoes.


Blogger Kim said...

Screwed shoes are the best! I will probaly be using my SS alot in the next couple of weeks.

6:41 PM  
Blogger ErieTom said...

Hey rootsrunner, give the Yaktrax Pro's a try next time before 'ruining' a pair of shoes! They are great.

10:27 PM  

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