Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week of January 21-27

Sun: Run 5 miles
Mon: Swim 2500 yards
Tue: Run 8.25
Wed: Run 6
Thur: Run 8
Fri: Rest
Sat: Run 9 miles (trail); volunteered at the winter BT50k

Run: 36 miles (5 hrs 13 min)
Swim: 2500 yards (54 min)

Still working on the daily physical therapy stretches. No pain with the slight increase in volume (36 miles) and frequency (5 runs) last week, so the plan moves forward. The PT recommended adjusting the frequency to every-other-day. I can live with that.

The news of the week is that registration opened for the Bull Run Run on April 14. The race is so popular that it appears the entry list will fill its cap of 350 runners in less than one week. Good news is I'm in! The race is the same weekend as the Boston Marathon so I look forward to training along with my fast training buds for the next 12 weeks.


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