Monday, January 22, 2007

Week of January 14-20

Sun: Run 35 min (4 mi)
Mon: Swim 43 min (2100 yds)
Tue: Run 36 min (4.25 mi)
Wed: Swim 37 min (1500 yds)
Thur: Run 35 min (4.25 mi)
Fri: Rest; Physical Therapy Appt.
Sat: Run 73 min (8.75mi)

(Devoted 20 minutes of grunting and groaning each day to Physical Therapy stretches.)

Run: 21 miles (2:59)
Swim: 3600 yards (1:17)
Stationary Bike: 25 minutes
Stretching: 2 hours
Weightlifting: 55 minutes

On the running front, this exploratory week tested the physical therapy. It seems to be working, so far. Fresh off the PT appointment the previous week, my task was to stretch and strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. I was advised to start with short 30 minute runs to determine the pain threshold. After three successful short runs through the week, I tested it out for an hour run on the weekend. Good news so far: no pain. The plan is to progress in the upcoming week with a little added distance/volume.

It's been so exciting to get my swim groove on. What is it with taking 30 minutes to get warmed up? As with running, the swim is similar in that I seem to find a zone at around the 25-30 minute mark. There's a point where the mind and body stops thinking of the labor and gets in the groove where the swimming and breathing comes effortlessly. After finding this zone, its amazing how the mind is allowed to wander. Slowly, I'm getting better at breathing. And flip-turns. I don't ever think I'll become a full-fledged swimmer--I still like hanging on the wall and catching my breath. In previous years, I've used swimming as a once-per-week crosstraining session of 20-40 minutes max. Back then, I was working too hard at it and was never able to find that groove in the pool.

Now that our YMCA's pool reopened this year, I'd like to continue with the weekly swimming to augment the running. On my list of 2007 goals, I'm adding the goal of swimming at least one mile per week. Seems like a soft goal, but I'm going for consistency. Who knows? A triathlon this year?

All-in-all, a good week. A stepping-stone on the road to recovery. Here's to another steady week.


Blogger TriSaraTops said...

Great workouts--slow and steady recovery wins the race. :) I'll keep an eye out for ya at the Lakewood Y!

10:32 PM  

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