Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sunday Brunch

Part of the Cleveland I know takes place once a year near West 58th and Detroit at the Parkview Tavern.

It seems like yesterday when I moved to Lakewood and met my roomie Peter Platten for the first time. The very first weekend we met he invited me down to see his band at the annual Bob Marley birthday brunch and the rest has been history. I've been of Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band ever since.

I recall a few of my Cleveland firsts on that day. First time seeing Los and the PLUS Band. First Great Lakes Beer. It was a Burning River Pale Ale--a favorite beer to this day.

Something I'll always remember about that day is the sweet soothing voice of Carlos and how the roots music took control. The groove grabbed hold and I found my body involuntarily dancing. Over the years, nothing's changed. Carlos brings it, every time.

According to Peter, this marks the 12th year of the Parkview show. Although I've only been round town for a few years, I do know that this Sunday brunch has become a wildly popular gig. I'll be there. And (hopefully) new this year: No smoking! Okay, I'm holding my breath.


Blogger Charlie said...

Maybe I will see you there.

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