Friday, February 09, 2007

April Fool's FA

I have an idea swirling around in my head for an April 1st Fat Ass trail run. I'll use this post to formulate the plan.

The initial notion is a multiple loop course starting from the Pine Hollow parking lot (off Quick Rd.) in the southern part of the Cuyahoga Valley. Naturally, the popular loop combining the Salt Run and Cross Country Trails will constitute one of the loops.

Many of my favorite trails are in the Virginia Kendall area, including the Ledges. If nothing else, at least the name Fool's FA sounds cool.

Starting and ending at Pine Hollow parking lot (click for google map):

Loop A - Salt Run, Lake, and Cross Country Trails. Approx 6.15 miles. This loop provides just about the max elevation change you can get in the Cuyahoga Valley. One of my favorite runs, I just wish it wasn't so far from home.

Loop B - Approx 10.7 miles. Lake Trail, connect to Ledges Trail, connect Haskell Run across 303 to Boston Run Trail. Return via Haskell to complete the Ledges Trail. On return trip, loop the Pine Grove trail and return to Kendall Lake and complete the Lake trail.

Working on more.

Virginia Kendall Map


Blogger Eric said...

If Aimee and I weren't running the Athens Half Marathon I would be so "in" with that run.

5:51 AM  

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