Sunday, February 11, 2007

Week of February 4-10

Sun: rest
Mon: Run 5 miles
Tue: Run 9.25 (with 8x 90 second hill repeats)
Wed: Run 4 & swim 1800 yds
Thur: rest
Fri: Run 5 (with 4x strides)
Sat: Run 19 long run (2:43)

Run: 42.25 miles (6 hrs 8 min)
Swim: 1800 yards (39 min)

Its been quite the cold spell here. The temps stayed sub-15 degrees all week. Once again, all runs outside as I'm finding it a hassle to drive 2 miles back and forth the Y to use the treadmill.

The highlight of the week was the long run. For the second consecutive Saturday, it became the longest run of the year. Easy 9min pace with the group for the first 12 miles and then picked it up to normal easy 8min pace for last 7 miles. A substantial run where I felt that good fatigue at the end. The group heading to Boston is a hearty and dedicated bunch. No sloughing off when training with them, even in single-digit temperatures.

For the first time this year, I did not enjoy the swim and just felt lazy in the water. After 20 minutes I was ready to go, but I wanted to at least keep the "one mile per week" streak in tact. Barely.

Next week is the last week of hill repeats and no long run. The local Chili Bowl 5k on Saturday. If the weather cooperates, I'll race as a time trial to see where my current fitness stands on the VDOT chart.


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