Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Week of Sep 23-29

Whoa. I'm still behind. Here's last week:

Su: 5.25 E
M: rest
Tu: 8.5 E
W: 5 E
Th: 8, with 3 miles I-pace (4x 1200m; with 3 min recoveries)
F: rest
Sat: 13 E

Intervals: Goal pace 5:50-5:55
1200m splits: 4:31 - 4:22 - 4:24 - 4:23

Run 39
Cycle 22

I took it easy in the first part of the week and saved the quality for Thursday. Was 3x1600m planned, but I was joined by a buddy who wasn't up for miles. Opted for 1200s. I hit the target I-pace without too much strain, so I am inspired for my chances next week.

I got a last minute call from the Akron pacer director on Thursday -- my job was to fill in to lead 3:30 pace in the second half of race. I ended up watching the first half of the race on bike, arriving in time to pick up the marathoners near mile 15.

Before my run, I met fellow Coolrunner and Blogger (and speedy) Laura run the third leg (10km) of the relay. I followed her first (fast!) mile before high-tailing it mile 15. Coming off the trail, the last 1km of her leg was uphill but she breezed right up. I think her team was 1st or 2nd place. How cool to meet another coolrunner in real life, especially after following along with her training over the weeks. Count me in the Laura fan club.

One week to go now. I have 30 run miles, and 30 cycling miles planned for the week, with a 4x5min T-pace workout mid-week.

This will be marathon number 18, and the first one I'm truly racing in since May 2005. I PR'd earlier this year (3:08), in the midst of training for the 50 and 100 mile ultras with little marathon-specific speedwork. Its going to be interesting to see the outcome next week at Steamtown. Based on my training, I'm still going to aim for 7:00 pace, or 3:03. I will try to resist the tempation to aim for that sub-3 and leave that for another day.

Stay tuned. I have a fun marathon contest in the works for the race this weekend.


Blogger Kim said...

I'm still confused. I think I saw your name as a finisher in the marathon! You should go get your free shoes!

5:41 AM  
Blogger Lloyd said...

Hi Kim-

Yeah, I crossed the mat as a finisher in order to record a time for the pace team. They are supposed to strike my name from the results.

8:28 AM  
Blogger E-Speed said...

good luck at Steamtown! You will rock it I'm sure.

Glad I got to get in a short chat with you on the course this weekend!

11:53 AM  

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