Monday, October 08, 2007

I survived

If marathoning were only about training and running, we'd all have many more great race results. Unfortunately, it isn't. Lots of things we cannot control. Today, aside from the less-than-ideal weather, I dealt with fever and intestinal issues mid-race.

I'll write up a full report, but the story of the day is I started the race with a slight fever and scratchy throat, which I first noticed Friday and got gradualy worse Saturday and Sunday. Race time temp 62F and 90% humidity. 75F at the finish.

The foggy air felt like soup from the opening gun. I told myself that I'd run 5 and see how I feel. With the downhill start, not bad! Mile 5 in 35:00 flat and mile 10 in 1:09:55. At that point I started to think I could do something. I ran steady with another runner between miles 8-17, holding the 7min pace. By 18, I was going back-and-forth between shivering and heat flashes. My body was wacked. The other runner went on to finish 3:05.

I had this heat experience before (Athens '05) and I did today what I did then. I shut it down at 18 and jogged/walked it in. That year, I found another race 3 weeks later.


Not upset, but its still a tough pill to swallow after putting in the miles. I am encouraged that I think my goal, or even sub-3 is in me someday soon.

The cold is now worse, but the legs not entirely thrashed.


Blogger Kim said...

Oh, that sucks Lloyd. Spend all that time and get whacked with a cold. Still an impressive time though!!
You need to find a nice trail run to run now!
Hey, what about the Slim Pickings FA in Novemeber?

4:34 PM  

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