Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Week of May 13-19

Sun: Run 17.5 mi (trails); Cycling 28 mi
Mon: Run 5 easy
Tue: Run 8.5 easy; Cycle 11 mi
Wed: Run 12, with 6mi @ tempo pace (4x 1.5mi; with 2 min recoveries)
Thur: Rest
Fri: 6 easy
Sat: 17 miles hiking/trailrunning in the Shenandoah Valley. Hiked 4 miles on the AT before meeting friend Dave P. for the last 38 miles of his Massanutten Mountain Trail 100 mile run. Dave kicked butt and finished in 27 hours 12 minutes.

Run: 66.0 miles on 6 runs (11hr 44m)
Cycling: 39.0 miles (2hr 38m)

Part 2 of my MMT pacer miles falls on Sunday, and thus next week stats.

What a wonderful Virginia weekend. Arrived late Thursday night only to be greeted by an all-day rain on Friday. I hung out in the quaint town of Front Royal and plotted out my weekend. I enjoyed hiking a couple AT peaks along Skyline drive before heading over to the MMT race to crew and pace for Dave.

Not a bad week. I've come to believe that the cycling miles play an important factor in my training. I'm disappointed there's no swimming to report, but hey, I cannot have it all. Right?

Now less than 4 weeks to the MO.


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