Saturday, April 05, 2008

Week of March 30 - April 5

Sun: 26.2 miles in 3:24 (7:47)
Mon: no run. 3 miles walking.
Tue: 7 miles easy. (8:42) Cooled down with 6x strides.
Wed: 11 miles total, with 30 minutes at T-pace. 4.75 miles (6:25)
Thur: 6.5 miles easy on trails (9:32)
Fri: rest
Sat: 7 miles easy (7:58)

57.7 miles on 5 runs.

An encouraging week with two good workouts and the necessary recovery occurring.

The Sunday marathon was ideal for a training run. Overcast skies, temperatures in the low-40s, and 25 water stations allowed for a solid run. Goal was to run 8:00 pace for 3:30 and ended up with a 6 minute negative split. I enjoyed this tour of Atlanta and Decatur, GA and feel better the prospect of racing better at the Boston Marathon in 16 days.

Though slightly sore on Monday morning, a flight delay allowed for a few walking miles while stuck in Dulles terminal; a silver lining to being 3 hours late.

Wednesday's quality workout was scheduled 4x 10 min (2 min rests) @ T-pace. We've yet to see decent weather at the track this year until this week: Slightly chilly but an otherwise perfect 40F and calm. The T-pace was a little brisker than in past weeks, averaging 6:25 for the session. Shortened the quality segment to 30 minutes, but walked away from this workout satisfied that I turned it around from the weekend long run. The Tuesday set of strides seems to aid with recovery.

Considering the marathon was but 2.5 days prior to the weekly quality, I'm pleasantly suprised by the progress of the past week. This 57 mile week is the largest since a 60 mile week in January. The Boston goal continues to be on a sliding scale.

I'm really excited about tomorrow's Fat Ass run. I'm estimating over 50 participants.


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Fat asses are fun, hope that was a good time this morning.

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