Monday, March 10, 2008

Week of March 2-8

What a crummy week. Although I discovered that OR gaiters continue to rock, the recent weather royally sucked.

Last Tuesday's ice storm was followed by a weekend blizzard that left me cooped up for the better parts of the weekend. My YMCA closed on Friday night and did not open until Sunday resulting in two missed runs. The anticipated 15k race yesterday was not to be. Though I chose not to drive down south, I was amazed to learn that the footing was fine for the Shamrock 15k. A few of my friends did well and I can imagine where I would have placed. I'm disappointed that I missed it.

Sun: 5 miles easy (8:01)
Mon: 4.5 easy (7:54) Cooled down with 4x strides. Temperature 52F!
Tue: 10.5 total, with 5.75 @ T-pace (4x 10 min) Nasty out, TM run.
Wed: 4 easy (8:45)
Thur: 7.5 easy (8:24)
Fri: off
Sat: 1.5 miles in the insane blizzard. (Heck, I tried)

Total: 33 miles on 5.2 runs
Tempo interval pace (TM): 6:58/6:44/6:58/6:58

The thing about Tuesday's indoor quality workout was the heat. I am not climatized for heat. As this was only my second indoor run of the year, overheating negatively impacted my T-pace. This indoor run nearly equalled my treadmill PR of 11 miles. Considering that I was shut out of the Y on Friday and Saturday, I pledge not to speak poorly of the TM again. I needed that conveyer belt!

Now six weeks to Boston. Some things are out of my control, like the weather. Though I missed the tune-up race, there's still time to build fitness. I'm wishing for a quick thaw and return to faster outdoor running.


Blogger E-Speed said...

I missed my weekend runs too and it looks like our weeks mileage was the same :) Darn weather!

We'll be ready for Boston in no time though!

8:16 AM  

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