Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week of March 9-15

What a difference a week makes. Better weather = better running.

Sun: 13 easy, post blizzard
Mon: 5 easy (8:34) Cooled down with 5x strides.
Tue: 10.5 total, with ~5.5 @ T-pace (7x 5 min cruise intervals; with 1 min recoveries) Pace 6:30-ish
Wed: 4 easy (10:08) Bonked! Walked for 10 minutes.
Thur: 8 easy (8:02)
Fri: 4 easy (8:32) 4x strides.
Sat: 10 miles, with 5k time trial (6:09 pace)

Total: 54 miles on 7 runs
5k splits: 6:04, 6:14, 6:14, 0:34 = 19:06

Bonus Sunday run this morning with SERC: 12.5 miles, with 11.5 at marathon pace (7:18). Crazy fast running club; at least two dozen runners finished ahead of me. I got to chat with both the men's and women's winners of the Burning River 100 mile, as well as long-running E-Speed.

I can't complain with the quality this week. Good 35 minute threshold pace set on Tuesday and the time trial on Saturday. Initially, my plan was to join the NEO Trail club for the Covered Bridge FA 50. The other natural choice for a race was Cleveland's biggest 5 mile race (St. Malichi) which took place at 9:30am, but last week's blizzard postponed a CPR re-certification class to this weekend. My Saturday was booked. I recruited two others to join me for a pre-dawn 5k time trial. Since the local track was not yet clear from snow, we opted for my local 1.5 mile road circuit. Well-lit and free of traffic, the stretch of Edgewater drive just east of Lakewood Park makes for a fine road racing course. Having run numerous tempo runs here made it feel like home turf. Marked quarter-miles gave the feel of a track run.

Essentially a solo trial (the others finished 20:35 and 24+) with no one to push/pull me along, I'm satisfied with result. I held a better finishing kick than at the Chili Bowl race four weeks ago, but the last 5 minutes felt hard. I'm not completely used to the strain of a 5k race. Like last season, I might race another 5k during the the weekend before the marathon. We'll see.

This week is a week off from the Tuesday quality. I hope for more decent weather with the goal of another 50+ mile week.


Blogger E-Speed said...

Hey! Thanks for joining us this morning, sorry my slow butt had to do 19 and didn't get to chat with you at the bagel shop!

9:53 PM  
Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Good seeing ya out there with SERC for that brief moment!!!

4:41 PM  

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