Sunday, March 02, 2008

Week of February 24 - March 1

Sun: 6 miles easy trails (10:37 pace)
Mon: 5 easy (8:17) Finished with 4x strides.
Tue: 6 easy (8:37) Cooled down with 5x strides.
Wed: 5 easy (8:31)
Thur: 10 total, with 4 @ T-pace (4x 1 mile cruise intervals; with 1 minute rests)
Fri: rest
Sat: 17 miles (8:34)

Total: 48 miles on 6 runs
Tempo mile splits: 7:04/6:22/6:19/6:17

Frigid temperatures and snowfall continue to dictate the training. Lately, 20F seems mild. Tuesday was to be a fourth, and final, week of Interval Pace workouts. The plan was a workout of 5x 1200m @ I-pace, but the all day snow did not provide a clear surface for a quality run. To fill the training void, a few others gathered with me for a Thursday night tempo run. The streets were clear enough for "cruise intervals" at threshold pace. I did not wear a heart rate monitor, nor did I feel like I was going too fast for T-pace, so I'm surprised at the pace. 6:20 was my T-pace in the peak of marathon season last fall. I am not in that kind of shape right now. Perhaps it was just the group; young Andy is running well and pulled me along.

Saturday was meant to be twenty miles, but a few new inches of powder snow changed that. Lots of slushy roads, packed snow, and even some ankle deep powder. Gaiters would have been nice. I brought the camera - see below.

For the month, 196 miles is the lowest February in several years. Although I ran 26 of 29 days, my weekday and Sunday runs have been shorter. Partly because of the weather, but also due to work. Since December, I've taken on some additional duties with my job. Five extra hours at work per week means less time running. I hope March brings less frigid weather and not as many hours spent on the job.

Now 7 weeks to go to Boston. Looking to the week ahead, next Sunday is the Shamrock 15k. The course has it all. A wicked fast descent into the Cuyahoga Valley NP, a flat stretch along the valley floor, a heart-stopping uphill, and a long 3 mile ascent before returning to the finish. I'm not sure how a performance on this course will rate on the VDOT chart or McMillian calculator, but I imagine I should better my previous 15k PR. My one and only 15k was this same race in 2004, where I ran 1:08. Considering last summer's 10 miler in under 64 minutes, I ought to set a new 15k mark. We'll see.

A few photos from the Saturday run, on a 25F and windy morning:


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Great week of running. I love the pics.

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