Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week of Oct 14-20

I'm trying out a new online running log at Running2Win. My personal run log can be found at this link as well as in the sidebar.

Su: 7 miles ez
M: 4 ez (with 4x strides)
Tu: 9 miles, with 3mi at I-pace (6x800m; with 400m recovery jogs) ;  Cycle 10
W: 5 ez
Th: 6 ez on trails
F: Cycle 10
Sat: 7 ez (with 6x strides); Cycle 14

Run 38
Cycle 34

Since the field filled up this week I'm already registered for next week's Grand Rapids Marathon. I'm doing what I can to maintain my marathon fitness and keep the peak going for three additional weeks. I'm prepping and hoping for one good marathon effort before starting a new training cycle.

Tuesday run with the old track group. The fast group. I'm eyeballing a 5K this weekend and I wanted to push it for a few miles to prepare. I couldn't keep up with the speedy runners in the warm-up (7:15 pace), but I hung for the 800m intervals. A couple of the training groupies are running the 5k, so I'll have friends to chase. The workout:

9 miles total
2.25 mi warm-up and cool-down
6x800m at Interval pace; with 400 recovery jog

800m splits: 3:06/3:00/2:58/2:57/2:55/2:58

At the time, I could tell the legs were still slightly heavy from the marathon, because the intervals did not come as easy as the ones 3 weeks ago. Nonetheless, I'm happy with the workout and my confidence is rebuilding for the next race.

Good luck to runners in this Sunday's Columbus Marathon. It was four years ago at Columbus '03 where I made my return to marathons. Each year since, I returned to Columbus to ride along and spectate on bike. This year is the first year I'll miss. With its fast course and fair sized field, its one of my favorite marathons to race and I hope to return one day.

Its amazing to reflect back and see how the sport of running has brought tremendous joy, friends, and spirit to my life.

The journey continues...


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