Monday, October 29, 2007

(Pre-race) Week of Oct 21-27

My week leading into the race:

S: 9.5 miles, with 5k race (18:58 ); Cycle 11
M: Swim 1000m, Cycle 5
T: 8.5 ez (with 4x strides)
W: 7 miles, with 3 @ T-pace (4x1200m; with 1 min rests)
 Ave T-pace = 6:24
R: 5 ez
F: rest
S: 3 ez, (with 4x strides)

Run: 33 mi
Cycle: 16 mi
Swim: 1000m

Last weekend, I joined the 5km in Rocky River at the HS track where we practice. Following a loose interpretation of Pfitzinger's marathon plan, I ran this race as a hard interval workout equivalent. Conditions (windy) and course (hilly) were not optimal, I did get a solid effort. A typical Rocky River course: downhill to the lake, loop, and uphill finish. Splits: 5:43, 5:58, 6:38, 0:39. Insane headwind made for a tough third mile. I trailed my running buddy Dee the entire way and finished 6 seconds behind.

The purpose of tempo paced run four days prior to the race is to maintain leg turnover, stay loose and provide one last carb-depleting run. Lots of my contemporaries question the need for this workout. Many might try a mile or two at marathon pace in this last week. After weeks on end of of 4-8 miles of quality workouts, I've concluded that 3 miles of tempo running during race week will not hinder. The quality activity keeps my mind on the task at hand. My idea for this workout was adapted straight from Daniels Marathon Plan. My execution of the plan has worked well for me in the past -- providing just enough work to stave off taper madness in the last week. My T-pace, per the VDOT chart, is about 30-35 seconds faster than my goal marathon pace. Marathon pace on race day, feels comparitively easy.

The results are in. Next up, a report.


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