Saturday, May 26, 2007

Week of May 20-26

Sun: Run/Hike 25 mi (trails); Sunday's part of the MMT 100 with Dave, and an extra 3mi later
Mon: Run 6.5 easy
Tue: Run 8.5 easy; Cycle 11 mi
Wed: Run 13, with 7mi @ tempo pace (4x 1.5mi, & 1x 1.0mi; with 2 min recoveries)
Thur: Run 6 (trails); Cycle 10
Fri: Rest
Sat: Run 15 (trails); Cycle 16 mi

Run: 77.0 miles on 6 runs (15hr 14m)
Cycling: 37.0 miles (2hr 23m)

Aside from the Virginia trip, the highlight of the week was the Wednesday tempo session. Progressed from last week's 6 miles of T-pace by adding a 7th mile. The local fast chica Tara joined me for the run. Four 1.5 mile sets, followed by one extra mile.

13mi total (about 1:42)
3mi warm-up
7mi @ T-pace (4x 1.5mi & 1x 1.0mi; with 2min recoveries)
3mi cool-down

Splits: 10:06/9:50/9:53/9:52/6:35
Average pace: 6:36

After the first two intervals, Tara dropped the pace down to her tempo pace of 6:20. I did not have to think much as she just pulled me along. Thank goodness for training partners!

Now only three weeks left until MO.


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Blogger Jarrett Meyer said...

Wow! A "practice" run of 13 miles. That's really amazing.

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