Sunday, February 24, 2008

Week of February 17-23

Another frigid week. Tuesday's interval set was a PR for coldest speed workout: 18F, winds 25F, chill -2F. Amazing what the body and mind can endure with a motivated group and good layering. The footing on the track was okay, so we went for it.

Sun: No real run; ran/hiked a few slushy trail miles, but not counted.
Mon: 13 miles easy on rolling hills (9:15) with a Hinckley newbie. Finished with 4x strides.
Tue: 10.75 total, with 4.5 at I-pace (9x800m; with 400m recovery jogs)
Wed: 5 easy (8:31)
Thur: 7.25 easy (8:08)
Fri: 4 easy (8:32). Cooled down with 4x strides
Sat: 17.5 miles easy (8:27)

Total: 57.5 miles on 6 runs
800m splits: 3:06-3:20

A better week of running with 8 weeks to go before Boston. We have one more week of interval-pace training before moving to the next phase: threshold pace workouts.

Looking ahead to the Spring and Summer:
  • April 6 - Plans for the Fool's Fat Ass are coming together. Save the date.
  • May 3 - I am hopeful to gain entry into the new Green Jewel 100k. 
  • August 2 - Once again, Second Sole Running Group will man the Station Road Bridge aid station at the Burning River 100. I had thought about entering the race this year, but decided I'd rather work the aid station. The groupies are already asking. Yes, we're back!


Blogger andersimp said...

I don't know how you do it! 58 miles in that weather. You are the man.

1:20 PM  
Blogger E-Speed said...

i wish that green jewel was a little later in the year, I'm thinking I'd like to try a 100k, but not that soon after Boston!

4:08 PM  

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