Monday, January 21, 2008

Back on my feet

My poor dormant blog. With the new season in view, I sense it's time to get back on my feet again. 

Almost three months passed since my last race. I survived the holidays and feel recharged and ready to tackle a new set of goals this year. I'm excited for what's to come in 2008. 

Running-wise in the first half of this year, I wish to redo 2006: Boston Marathon and Laurel Highlands Ultra. I'd like to improve my time at each.

Training seems to make the winter pass quickly. Only a blizzard will deter my hearty group. Tonight there were nine of us tackling hill repeats on snow-covered Rockliffe Rd. in mid-20s temperatures.   

This weekend marks my first try at the Winter Buckeye Trail 50km. I've run the summer "BT50K" 3 times and volunteered at the winter 50km 3 times, but never run the event. I've always known better. The typically frigid 10F temperature combined with two feet of snow makes for a long day. I'll be sure to bring my lunch. 

The Winter 50k is known as the "Run for Regis." The run is a fund raiser for the Cincinnati Fisher House, an organization that helps families of service members who are receiving treatment at VA hospitals.  Earlier this year I started a fund-raising project and goal of my own for the Fisher House. My project stalled, but I hope that running this weekend for Regis on the Buckeye Trail will rekindle my motivation to carry out my fundraising goals. 

I have some new links:

My recent photo collection at Picasa. California photos include trails of Marin, East Bay, and Mt. Diablo. Also included is a nice set from the Team Slug FA 50k from a few weeks ago in Delaware. I'm a slug!

Running log: The recent Coolrunning implosion resulted in my runlog landing at Running2Win

Last, but not least, the date for the Fools' Fat Ass has been chosen. Save the date for Sunday, April 6th. Come run some of the best trails the Cuyahoga has to offer.


Blogger Brian said...

I'll see ya at the BT50K on Sat. Lloyd!

We'll have to chat about Laurel.. After my long journey there last November, I'm planning on doing the actual race for the first time.

1:09 AM  
Blogger DaisyDuc said...

Good to see ya at the 50K...nice job out there!

11:34 AM  

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