Sunday, June 24, 2007

Week of June 17-23

Sun: Finished Mohican 100 in 21:16
Mon: Cycle 8 miles, Swim about 800yd (open water)
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thur: Run 3.5 miles
Fri: Cycle 8 miles
Sat: Cycle 13 miles

Run 3.5 miles
Cycle 29 miles

Whew. A recovery week, if there ever was one. Caught up on much needed sleep.

In this past week I did not anticipate the exhaustion and the emotional letdown of having just completed an "A" race. I was drained for most of the week and slept more than usual.

The good news is that I'm reconstituting myself and soon I will get my act together to tell the tale.

In other weekend news, congratulations to the runners at this weekend's Western States 100 Mile. The course traverses the Sierra Nevada mountain range starting near Lake Tahoe and finishing in Auburn CA. This is a race I wish to tackle this race someday.


Blogger qcmier said...

Man that is awesome. Driving 100 miles in my car is hard enough.

Well done!!!

10:45 PM  

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