Friday, December 08, 2006

22 degrees F, 17mph winds, feels like 4F

Last night's run: about 8 miles in 70 minutes. Took it easy while dancing on the snow and ice.

I'm back. And so is old man winter. Brrr. Yet there's something about running outside, no matter what the weather. With good gear and proper layering, I'm amazed at the body's resiliency with handling the elements. Once moving, you know, it ain't so bad.

On being a runner and having a spring marathon goal: It seems as if winter flies by when there's a marathon to train for. I look forward to the new season.

Injury report: Having run 5 out of last 6 days, it seems like I'm back in action. No more swelling nor pain in the ankle. A weekend trail run will be the next test.

Best wishes to the crew running the URINEO Fat Ass 50 Mile in Mill Creek Park tomorrow. Sounds like a challenge that someday I'd like to tackle. Speaking of FAs, I'm now building up milage in order to participate in the Cleveland version of the FA 50 on Jan 6th.


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