Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Lately, I haven't found the energy to blog. Part of me wants to announce a hiatus, and the other part of me knows better. Its been my experience that its easier to think less in absolutes and more on a day-by-day basis. need to make any grand announcements for a break. I'll just be coming here to write when so inspired. It works for me. Today I'm just checking in.

Last week was the first full week back to running. 40 miles on 5 runs, including a long Saturday run of 13 miles. Hoping to build upon this through December and towards the new year. The plan is to start a marathon training plan in January.

Injury update: After a couple weeks on the mend, I've gradually returned to regular running. My last trail run confirmed that the ankle is stable and can withstand uneven terrain.

Weekly miles since JFK:
and this week I'm on track for about 45.

The new Lakewood YMCA opened on December 1st. Seeing the new facility inspired me to strengthen up. You see, if left alone to my own wishes I'd choose to run. No weights, no abs or core, no push-ups. No nothing. Just run. Can you blame me?

I found this running-specific leg strengthening program:

Three strength-training exercises to improve stride length and frequency, by Walt Reynolds.

I'm done with week one. The routine is a group of three exercises, somewhat plyometric in nature, performed twice per week. It takes about 20 minutes before a run. So far, I like it. Among other things, its simple. The author does a nice job describing the plan and contrasting this program against other leg exercises that some runners perform.

This weekend there's a chance for a day trip over to southwest PA to the Laurel Highlands for some trail running on the LHHT. The weather outlook looks great for December.

Happy trails.


Blogger andresimp said...


We're back. That was a great run yesterday, good long slow distance.

You are going sub 3:10 this season and it is my turn to pace you!

10:05 AM  
Blogger Papa Louie said...

I've backpacked all of the LHHT and throughly enjoyed it. Running on the trail sounds great too. I'll have to go with you some time.

10:38 AM  

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