Monday, December 18, 2006

Week of December 10-16

What happened to December? Mild temperatures allowed for a complete week of running in shorts. No doubt the snow and frigidness will come soon enough.

Sun- 6.5 miles Easy (trails)
Mon- 4 Easy
Tue- 8 Easy
Wed- 8.5 Easy
Thur- 7.5 Easy
Fri- rest
Sat- 16 on hills

Total: 50 miles on 6 runs.

I'm thrilled with the volume and hope to maintain it through the new year. Yet I still haven't made it to the pool for a swim. Since our new YMCA opened this month I have, however, become enthusiastic about cross and strength training. I'm using this runner-specific leg-strengthening routine twice per week, along with learning how to lift using the exercise ball. I like how use of the ball encourages multi-tasking; by engaging the core while performing the exercise. I spent some time Saturday with a trainer friend of mine and she gave me some instruction on use of the exercise ball. It didn't take long for her to surmise that I have a weak core.

The challenge, for me, will be to balance running volume with all the rest. I'm hoping that the strength work continues on and that it doesn't become just another fad that falls by the wayside some 3 weeks down the road.

Did I mention its now only 6 months until Mohican? Giddyup.


Blogger Kim said...

Good running week Lloyd, seems like you are past your injury.
You gave me a flutter of panic when you mentioned Mo was 6 months out!
We're running there this Saturday Dec 23. 8 am covered bridge, red to green back to CB, 21 miles.

6:36 PM  
Blogger qcmier said...

I hope to hit 50 miles one week. And I hate that damn ball. Yes I have a weak core.

1:09 AM  
Blogger Tim Looney said...

Nice week Lloyd. I am just starting to get my base back. Hopefully I'll get in a good week of running in early January.

8:52 AM  

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