Monday, November 27, 2006

A warm weekend

After four days off from work and seven days off from running, I went for a short easy run. A bit of stiffness remains in the ankle, so I plan to take it easy for one more week. The weather's been so unseasonably warm, I even managed about 15 miles on the road bike on Sunday. Finally, is this our indian summer?

The nice weather prompted an impromptu camping trip down to Mohican State Park for some hiking and camping by the river with a fire under the stars. A bit chilly at night (30F), but a couple cords of firewood did the trick to keep warm. Hiking up to Lyons Falls on the blue loop rekindled my interest as I look forward to possibly trying the Mohican 100 next June.

Being single, and displaced from my family in California, I'm always grateful at the kindness of my Ohio family, friends and co-workers--all whom made me feel at home and with family during Thanksgiving.

Certainly, a warm weekend...all around.


Blogger Kim said...

You're going to run the full Mohican in June Lloyd. If I can run it you can certainly run it.
We were there running on Friday, just saw a bunch of horse folks out on the Red Loop!! Lots of day trippers over by the falls and CB of course. Glad you had a nice holiday and the ankle is healing.

6:32 PM  

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