Thursday, November 30, 2006

A sneak peek

I started running as a pastime back in 2003 and its been off to the races ever since. The journey began with a two year chase of the elusive Boston Marathon qualifier. Now, I'm attempting to go further than ever before.

I have an ambition to go back and chronicle these past four years of running. My desire is to have a race log of some sort, starting in 2003. While there's still work to do in '06, I can't help but look to next year. Its exciting to fill in a blank calandar with races and training plans.

While there's still plenty of time to toss around next year's goals, I'm pointing towards two goal races: Glass City Marathon and Mohican 100 Mile.

Check it out. Happy trails.

Sneak peak at 2007 runs:
1/6 - FA 50 (Cleveland Metroparks)
2/3 - Dirty Dog 10k (Trail)
2/17 - Loving the Hills 50km (KY)
4/15 - Glass City Marathon *
5/12 - Capon Valley 50km (WV)
6/16 - Mohican Trail 100 mile *

* Goal races


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