Monday, November 06, 2006

Pleasant surprises...

Just a quick post today about the weekend runs. The theme: Pleasant surprises.

- For the weekend, I had about 30 miles planned on 3 runs. I ended up with bonus miles...36 miles on 4 runs.

- It started on a cool clear Saturday morning 5K at Edgewater Park. Not a cloud in the sky and 28F at 8:30am. Wasn't thinking about a fast race since the course has that hill. Andrew and I both wanted a good hard workout to stay sharp for our upcoming races. After a 4 mile warm-up and some strides, we lined up. I chased him around the park for a surprising PR (18:49) on a day I least expected it. Andrew finished about a minute ahead. 10 miles total.

- Saturday continued with a trail run. I introduced my friend D to the best closest trail to home. Its a 6 mile run starting from Little Met that not too many people know about. It climbs over the ridge and across the stream before joining the bridal trail on the east bank of the Rocky River. On this day we were pleasantly surprised by mild temps, a tame deer peeping us out, and the brilliant yellow leaves that padded the trail. But the best surprise of all was watching the joy on D's face as she discovered the beauty of this route.

- Sunday started out with Roxi the superdog to join E-speed and Faceplant for a pre-JFK run starting at Station Road. This route had a bit of everything--roads, hills, single-track trail, and towpath. Starting in Brecksville, we headed west along the Valley Parkway and the Buckeye Trail before traversing the valley floor and heading east to the Towpath Trail and the Carriage Loop Trail. What a pleasant surprise to have climbed both sides of the Cuyahoga Valley all within the same run. About 14.5 miles total.

- After the morning run, Roxi and I made our way out to Elyria to cheer on D at the Inland Trail Marathon. Running out to meet her, Roxi and I got 6 bonus miles. The day turned into a mild fall afternoon just perfect for running. In her final miles, what a pleasant surprise to witness D running strong and with a smile on her face.

- The spoils: a not so surprising, but pleasant meal of baked salmon, brown rice, steamed asparagus, and sauteed veggies. Topped off with a bottle of Pinot and my first viewing of Napoleon Dynamite.

What a weekend.

Today is election day. Please consider clean air when making your choices. No on 4, Yes on 5.

Is it too early to start stumping for 2008? Pedro for President!


Blogger E-Speed said...

hope your voting experience was better than mine!

Thanks for the awesome run Sunday!

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