Thursday, July 03, 2008

Running log scripts

Though I'm not happy with changing websites again, I think I've found the site that fits my needs. I've abandoned Running2Win and am now logging my miles on the Running Ahead website. I now have two months data from May and June.

I'm posting here to test the automatic scripts provided by Running Ahead:

I'm curious to know more about run log methodology. How do you log your miles?


Blogger Blaine Moore said...

I am a huge fan of Running Ahead and have been using them since April of 2007 (I went back and filled in my data from January 2007 forward) - when Cool Running got bought out and basically went down, we had a huge influx of new users from them which changed the dynamics of the forums a bit.

The logging software is top notch, which is why Runner's World licensed an old version of it to use as their official running log software. The owner does not put any advertising on the site (past a couple of inconspicuous paypal donation buttons) and doesn't charge anybody to use it, he provides excellent support, and just this past week bought a new server to host everything on.

I recommend joining the 2000 Mile Pace Group - it gets a little snarky on occasion but the pace bunny provides good motivation for getting your butt in gear.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

log miles? i stopped doing that last year :o

12:45 PM  

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