Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No frills FA

Kendall Lake in the CVNP

On Sunday, I joined members of the NEO Trail Club for the No Frills, Just Hills FA.

A timed event with a six hour limit, the course followed 2 mile trail loop around the Virginia Kendall area of the Cuyahoga Valley NP. The idea was to offer a fun and simple fat ass style run to help prepare runners for the upcoming ultramarathon season.

Eleven runners started, with the top dog logging 15 loops. Several runners used the FA as a training run for local ultras such as Laurel Highlands 70, Mohican Trail 50 and 100, or the Burning River 100.

Sharing trail time is always a great way to catch up with the regulars. On this bright and sunny day I ran 10 loops (20 miles total) with Slim, who is preparing for the new Grindstone 100 in Virginia. Spend enough trail time with Slim and the topic is sure to turn to Massanutten. And it did.

I enjoyed the format. Passing the car on each loop allowed for a simple aid situation. No need to carry much allowing for more running and funning.

Here's a few shots from the day:

The "Sound of Music Hill" in the background. Site of the Pine Hollow (mile 75) aid station of the Burning River 100.

Descending the Sound of Music Hill

On the run with Slim


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