Monday, June 09, 2008

Mohican splits

Mohican is near and the excitement builds...

I finally got around to compiling my splits from last year's Mohican Trail 100.

I thought the old race website provided the splits. I remember viewing the data to help with my own Mohican planning. I looked around the new website and could not find the splits. Anyhow, I found my old notes and put together the list to share here. I added a couple notes below.

(I am having technical difficulties displaying my table here - please click the link below to view)

Table: Aid station arrival times, 2007 Mohican Trail 100

Based on my then-recent race results and reviewing past Mohican performances, I aimed for a sub-22 hour finish. I also had an idea for a 20-hour finish, but kept that thought to myself. Having never run 100 before, I had no real idea how the day would unfold. I thought somewhere in the range of a 10 hour first half and 12 hour second half.

Then the race started. The table shows I maintained a sub-19 hour pace through 60 miles and held sub-20 hour pace until 83 miles. I ran faster and ahead of schedule all through the day. I missed my first pacer at the Fire Tower (mile 60) because I was there one whole hour ahead of schedule.

Finishing the scenic blue loop (mile 42) I caught up with Michael Hayden and 6th place, the highest position I would get in the race. Not far past the Bridal Staging Area (mile 45), I hit my low point in the race with a bout of stomach distress. This section until Rock Point (mile 52) was my lowest point in the race. Around mile 47, a train of good runners came flying past me including Bob Pokorny, Connie Gardner, Doug Cassiday, and Jay Smithberger.

After that, I saw only three other runners for the entire way. I passed Steve Core. near mile 54 and Jay S. at Hickory Ridge (mile 68.) Jerry Brandt caught me on the approach to Hickory Ridge and finished strong in an amazing sub-20 hours. I saw no other competitors in the last 32 miles.

When I planned my race, I studied the past splits and found that most of the runners in my ability range had run the last 20 miles at Mohican in 5 hours or less. In 2006, I watched Kim Martin run the last 10 miles in about 1:50. That was a goal of mine, but my quads wanted no part. My pace slowed considerably after nightfall and I had beat my quads too much in the early miles to allow myself to run in the late stage of the race. I walked more than planned and finished the last 20 miles in 5:20, with a final time of 21:16 and ninth place overall.

Weather conditions were warm, but not as bad as 2006. We caught a break with having a dry and fast trail. Hardly any mud.


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