Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Say what?

What's to say? I feel like I don't have much to say on the blog. Having decided to pass on a summer ultramarathon, June is somewhat less thrilling than in years past. It is my hope that my running will pick up to the point that there is more to talk about soon. I can't argue with the idea of more running and less talking.

Speaking of thrilling, I found myself in the unusual position parked in front of the television over the weekend. Though I haven't played recently, championship golf remains in my blood and witnessing the weekend play at the U.S. Open captured my attention. If you did not watch Monday's superlative playoff, it was a must-see, instant-classic for all golf fans. Tiger's fairway bunker shot on #15 topped by Rocco's birdie putt couldn't have been scripted any more dramatically. If you are a golf fan and did not catch the playoff, I wholly recommend catching a replay.

Running-wise, I have been able to string together a few weeks of consistent base mileage. Listed below is my weekly mileage since the Green Jewel on May 3:

15 (Recovery week, May 4-10)

So far, all the running has been at easy pace with no quality. My last run of any pace faster than easy was the Boston Marathon on April 21. Of the last 30 days, I've logged 27 runs. Most of which were in the range of 7-8 milers.

Where am I going with this? Having no races on the near-term schedule, and skipping the June ultra, I've found myself starting a new training cycle. My body is rehabilitating from the Spring race season and I'm enjoying some carefree training with no quality workouts or racing efforts. And it feels so good; I feel stronger with each day of easy-pace running.

Looking forward to the cycle ahead, I anticipate designing a plan to tackle the Marine Corps Marathon on October 26. The race is about 19 weeks away. I plan to continue the base building phase for another 4 weeks until the end of July. I'd like to see some weeks of 60+ miles. The idea then is to introduce some elements of quality starting in August. Included in the plan is to run the hills of the Grandfather Mountain Marathon on July 12. After recovering from that effort, I will assess my condition and map out a couple quality phases.

Good luck to this weekend's racer at the Mohican Trail 100. I won't make it down this year for the pre-race fest on Friday night, nor for the start of the race, but I do plan to catch the action by late Saturday night to watch the finish.


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