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Big ups to those competing at Ironman Wisconsin (aka IM MOO) in Madison, WI on September 10.

In honor of the occasion, today I went for a long bike ride. 32 miles total along Lake Road past Avon Lake before returning home. It beat my previous long ride of the year (25 miles.)

If you thought I was a maniac athlete, get a load of what Ironman triathletes endure. They sign-up a whole 365 days beforehand for a race that consists of the following events:

* Two-point-four miles of open-water swimming (2.4 miles)
* One-hundred-twelve miles cycling on the road (112 miles)
* Twenty-six-point-two miles running. Yes, that's a whole marathon folks. (26.2 miles)

It all adds up to a distance of 140.6 miles with a 17 hour time limit.

Part of the reason I'm here on Blogger is because I started reading and admiring the training blogs of several local (and not-so-local) triathletes:

qcmier (Tri Al)
Iron Wil
Tri Eric Tri

These folks are just a few of the many triathlete bloggers out there. I regret not finding you all sooner. I arrived to blogger late in the game and I'm now I'm playing catch up with each of your stories. Not only are they all great athletes, but wonderful writers as well. I wish to believe that they have spurred on my new writing habit.

I'm not totally unfamiliar with the life of an Ironman. My old Army roommate did Ironman Kona a couple times. He was the one who encouraged me to run my first marathon in Portland, Oregon back in 1998.

Although I've done several "sprint" triathlons and many marathons and ultramarathons, I cannot fathom travelling the road of an Ironman. Here I am, trying to do my best in one event. It takes up a great deal of my time. In my running I try for 6-7 runs per week. Yet IM triathletes are known to go for 10-13 workouts per week! What dedication. What I admire is the methodical planning of an emmense volume of training, then going out and doing it. Planning and executing, so to speak. These men and women make the impossible seem possible by juggling family, career, and training.

For better or worse, I'll continue to admire all you IM triathletes from my vantage point. At this point in my life I don't have the urge to become an Ironman...yet. But by reading the trials and successes of these triathlete bloggers, the Ironman task seems a bit easier to contemplate.

Maybe...someday. For now, I'll stick to my running goals.


Blogger qcmier said...


I'll be looking forward to hearing/reading about your IM journey.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Jim Harris said...

An IM is easier than a 100.

Way Easier.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

I find it interesting how people from different sports treat each other. Often with awe and admiration. My hat is off to you for running those long distances. I don't know if I will ever get above a marathon distance.

I'm glad you have started writing. I like a different perspective from a fellow athlete and friend.

10:32 AM  
Blogger E-Speed said...

Ironman does seem crazy, but I would bet most Ironmen wouldn't want to tackle a 50 miler let alone a 12 hour or 100 miler :) Just depends on what you're built for. 112 miles is a long bike ride without a few picnics and beers along the way :) That's why I'll stick to the shorter tri's and the long runs for now!

10:50 PM  

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