Saturday, October 03, 2009

Northcoast 24 hour is underway

The Northcoast 24 Hour Endurance Run, held at Cleveland's Edgewater State Park on October 3-4, 2009, started this morning amidst overcast skies and cool 55F temperatures. So far, the rain has held off.

I took a set of photos during the 10 a.m. hour this morning. Click here to view the entire photo album.

Near real-time results are available at the webcast:

Mark Godale, U.S. record holder in the road 24-hour (162 miles)

Scott Jurek and Akos Konya

Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Jeff Burke, represents the the five military branches

Ohio's Vol-Staters Rita Barnes and Dan Fox, with Jerry Brandt trailing

Wisconsin's Mike Henze (147 miles at FANS in June)

81-year-old Leo Lightner from nearby Rocky River, Ohio

I'm heading back out tonight to check out the overnight action.


Blogger Mike said...

Dude, thanks for the kind words and smiles each time around. I am sorry I will miss your reception.

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