Friday, August 11, 2006

Irie! (I-ree)

A Greeting. excellent, cool, highest: adj. powerful and pleasing

is how I feel after a run.

Like Aloha is to Hawai'ian, the Jamaican salutation of Irie is a greeting and a goodbye. It's one of the most common Jamaican terms I know.

Irie is good music. Irie is good food and nourishment after a great effort. Irie is reaching for higher heights.

This weekend, irie times await. Going back to my road running roots with a group run down at the Hinckley Reservation. Last time there was before Boston. I've missed those hills.

Going to check out the live music at the Burning River Fest over on Whiskey Island. With Roberto Ocasio's Latin Jazz Project and Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band in the lineup, its bound to be irie.

Finally...cooler temperatures in the forecast for the weekend.



Blogger qcmier said...

Great seeing you out on the GCT station.

By the way, I never really found that specific elevation chart for Hinckley useful. The loop is 10 miles so where are the extra five miles?

In my opinion that "which runner are you" test wasn't designed too well. What about all the sprinter and middle distance runners?

3:15 AM  

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